Hush now. You know your mom is going to want to join if she hears you.


Ahhhhhh so fucking sexy

i know you horny mother fuckers love porn, but you should take a break and appreciate some of tumblr’s beautiful users at

"Showcasing some of the beautiful people across Tumblr."

(please don’t harass the nice people on there)


Sexy as fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


Don’t whimper. I’m just getting started.


A little Easter Sunday head bobbing for all my bunnies, courtesy of the super-duper gorgy Mindy Main! ❤️

Blog/Url For Sale!

Would anyone want to buy this blog/url? I really don’t want this anymore.

I was thinking $150, but anyone with the best offer would get it.

What you get:

  • All of my posts (original gifs, reblogs)
  • Categorization (anal, creampie, etc)
  • All of my followers (3,878, which is pretty good considering that I’ve only actively posted for about 4 months)
  • The potential to grow into a porn behemoth
  • Traffic (I’ve made about $75 in the 4 months that i was actively posting from solely traffic)
  • A unique url (original and distinctive)

Message me if you’re interested, even if you’re not willing to pay $150



I love this


So simple yet so fucking hot. Want all of this so bad!